About Kheti Buddy Farm

Kheti Buddy Farm is a free mobile application developed with the insights derived from the ten-years of on-field experiences of working with 30,000+ farmers. We believe the right farming habits will have compounding effect on success farmers can have at their farms.

Thus, with the combination of technology and on field agri expertise, we are on a mission of improving farming habits that can improve productivity.

As a farming companion, we help the farmers to manage their fields, starting from sowing to harvesting. We ensure that farmers rigorously follow the dynamic crop calendar by reminding them of a scheduled activity through notification alerts.

Just like a good friend, we strive to make farmers aware of uncertainties they might face in the future by providing them with real-time weather information, market prices, and agricultural updates. We help the farmers in adopting good farming habits that enable the farms to respond positively to obtain better crop yield enriching the farming experience.


Soil Data integration

Input your soil data or integrate it through sensors to recommend the right fertigation schedule

Crop schedule

Follow our crop schedule from sowing to harvesting which dynamically updates based on soil and climatic conditions

Profit and loss report

Understand the profitability of your crops based on the cost of cultivation & market rate


Connect online and offline to our agri- experts to get solutions for any kind of farm-related problems

Weather & market insights

Get quick updates on weekly weather forecast & nearby market rates

Pest & disease management

Discover Knowledge Bank on app for effective pest & disease management which integrates with your crop schedule


Weather forecast and market rates update

Provide weather forecast for prior farm management and updates on commodity rates in nearest markets to fetch maximum prices

Crop schedule

Provide the crop schedules based on the soil and water testing results as well as recommended by Government to grow sustainably

Today’s activity

Notification alerts for regularly following the farm activities to get better crop yields

Efficient farm management

Provide a view on farm inputs, inventory available with farmer for efficient farm management

Effective Pest and disease management

Timely advice from experienced agri-experts as well as informative knowledge bank on various crops for better crop management

Farm Reports

Provide the reports of soil testing, crop requirement, crop expenses, profit & loss report of your farm



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