Home Vegetable Garden – Growing Your Own Food Made Simple!

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Home Vegetable Garden – Growing Your Own Food Made Simple!

Home Vegetable Garden – Growing Your Own Food Made Simple!

Remember the last time your kids had a stomach ache after ordering food from a restaurant?

We are sure you were quick to remind them that, “There is nothing better and safer than home-cooked food.” And we absolutely agree with you! Home-cooked food is certainly the healthiest, safest and most satisfying – not just for your taste buds, but for your stomach as well.

But what about the vegetables you purchase from the market? Or the veggies that get shipped from afar and delivered to your door-step? Can you vouch for their 100% safety?

Just like you may never know what kind of additives restaurants use to make your food look and taste good, you can never really know for sure what kind of pesticides, chemicals or hormone-injections are used on a farm to make your vegetables or fruits look plump and fresh.

Organic produce does try to address this concern of food safety. But with all the uncertainty and confusion looming around organic produce, questions like – what exactly is organic food, which organic food certification is most reliable, are organic veggies healthier or not – are on everyone’s mind. While not all of these questions may have accurate answers at present, we think there is a better question to focus on –

Why keep searching for safer veggie options in the market when you have an excellent alternative right at your home, an option that allows you to be in complete control of how safe and nutritious your vegetables are?

That’s right, a home vegetable garden! Is there anything better than growing your own produce?

Wait. We hear your woes.

We know you’re busy and short of time. You have very less space in your home. Your knowledge about plants is limited and you are hesitant to take the plunge. You have probably heard about home-gardening before and given it a pass. We understand.

That is why, we want to start by knocking off some misconceptions in your mind.

#1 I need to have a green thumb to start gardening at home

Absolutely not. There is nothing extraordinary you need to know in order to start growing your own veggies. You probably already have a tulsi plant in your home. If you can do that, you can grow your own vegetables as well. Even if you don’t have any plants yet, you can start now. The only prerequisite – some enthusiasm!

#2 A home garden will require a lot of space

Most veggies required by a single individual can be grown in a 10×10 sq. ft. space. That’s all one needs. At times, even a window sill is enough to house a couple of plants.

You may cross this out too!

#3 Plants require a lot of tending and care

This is another false idea driving you away from your lush green, self-grown garden.
Growing your own food requires just around 20 to 30 minutes of your time in a day. A little water daily with a few hours of sunlight is more than enough to let you see green baby shoots popping out of the soil.

You can even ask your little ones to take up the responsibility of watering these plants. Not only will they begin to appreciate the process of producing food but will also happily eat the veggies they themselves helped grow, without making any fuss.

#4 Upkeep of a garden is not very feasible

Quite the contrary – home gardening, with a little know-how, can be made extremely self-sufficient and sustainable.

Many plants can be grown and nurtured from the produce that you already have in your kitchen. For example, if you sow a slice of tomato, a full-fledged tomato plant can grow from it because of the seeds in the tomato itself.

Similarly, your kitchen waste can be turned into compost, and used to enhance the soil health. So you can have a beautiful little garden of your own where you can grow fresh veggies for your entire family while being completely self-sustainable at the same time.

That’s it. No rocket science.

While eating the veggies from your home garden you will not only experience the joy of eating food that you yourself grew, but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that it is truly nutritious and healthy for your family.

Along with being free from chemicals and harmful pesticides, growing your own vegetables has an added benefit of not having to outsource your food. Amid safety concerns that have cropped up due to the pandemic, this is a bonus.

With a garden at your home, there is no need to rush to the bazaar too often. Finally, the debates about whose chance it is to go vegetable shopping can take some rest!

Can technology help with growing your own food?

Our modern world offers us the convenience of online vegetable shopping and quick home deliveries of produce whenever you wish.

But this technology is pushing us away from what is natural and giving us convenience at the cost of quality and safety.

That is why, we are here to offer you Kheti Buddy Home, an app that leverages technology to take you closer to nature and teaches you to enjoy it better.

Kheti Buddy Home is your companion who is ready to hop in with you in your journey of growing your own produce. Through our app, we assist you with tips on how to utilize the available gardening space in the best way. We even guide you on how to take care of your plants, and nudge you with gentle reminders to water the plant every day.

You can also opt for home gardening services when you want to sit back, relax, and get expert help. Our one-of-a-kind video call service lets you speak to our agronomists, show them your plants and seek help whenever you face any issues.

Are you ready for this endeavour with your Buddy? Read more about us or Download our app!

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