About Kheti Buddy Home - Gardening Mobile APP

Kheti Buddy Home is a home garden app and vegetable garden planner app for those health-enthusiast and green panthers who want to grow food at home, but do not know how to go about it.

With this app, anybody can start the journey of growing food at home. As a gardening companion, we help the growers by recommending them the activity calendars, starting from sowing to harvesting for different plants.

As a beginner, we understand you need help in your gardening journey, that’s why we have designed our gardening service and advisory to help you with onsite assistance through our experienced gardeners.

We ensure that growers never miss any scheduled activity by reminding them through notification alerts. And this eventually leads them to experience the greatest joy of growing their own organically produced, high-quality, residue-free food.

Features of Vegetable Garden Panner APP


No to Pro- Gardener

Get the detailed plant activity schedule for successfully growing food at home. We cover 20+ veggies which you can grow at home

Activity Reminder

Get the notification alerts of today’s activity for never missing out on taking care of your plants

Trusted garden-shops

Know the inputs required for gardening, its quantities through our personally vetted trusted nurseries

Tips and tricks

Get regular updates, tips and tricks and explore Green Guide to nurture your plants smartly


Get timely advice from plant- experts for any kind of gardening- related issues

Gardening service

Get our experienced gardener service at your doorstep whenever you’re in need

Benefits of Using Kheti Buddy Garden Planner APP


Our garden planner app lets you plan out your terrace kitchen garden or your home terrace garden with ease. Plan every element of your vegetable garden from the plants to be grown to the watering and fertilizing cycles, all at the click of a button.

Tailored advice:

Get the right advice at the right time to ensure that your terrace vegetable garden is in the pink of health. From creating your own personal planting chart to detailed instructions on when to plant, sow, fertilize and harvest. Our vegetable garden planner helps you with all the details you need for a bumper homegrown harvest.

Experts on call:

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the right advice you’re looking for online and you just need a second opinion. Our app gives you access to a number of expert agriculturists who can guide you on how to grow the perfect terrace kitchen garden. No more looking up Youtube videos, just hop onto a call and find the answers to your gardening questions.

Data in one place:

As a home gardener, documenting your progress is the first step towards a healthy and thriving home garden. Using our online vegetable garden planner, you can log the details of all your gardening adventures. Use this data to learn more about which vegetables perform best in your climate, soil and temperature conditions.

Be part of a community


Hundreds of passionate home gardeners use our app to fuel their passion for gardening. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts and share tips, advice and engaging conversations on a sustainable lifestyle. Download for free and get started on your home garden today.


No to Pro- Gardener

Provide the detailed plant activity schedule for successfully growing food at home

Activity Reminder

Send the notification alerts of today’s activity for never missing out on taking care of your plants


Recommendation of inputs required for gardening along with its quantities and centers to buy it from


Timely advice from experienced plant- experts as well as informative Green Guide on various gardening topics

Tips and tricks

Get updates, tips and tricks for your plants to grow them better

Hands-on experience

Through our Organic Garden Workshop get hands-on experience of gardening starting from basics to harvesting



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