About Kheti Buddy Home - Gardening Mobile APP

Kheti Buddy Home is a home garden app and vegetable garden planner app for those health-enthusiast and green panthers who want to grow food at home, but do not know how to go about it.

With this app, anybody can start the journey of growing food at home. As a gardening companion, we help the growers by recommending them the activity calendars, starting from sowing to harvesting for different plants.

As a beginner, we understand you need help in your gardening journey, that’s why we have designed our gardening service and advisory to assist you through our experienced gardening experts.

We ensure that growers never miss any scheduled activity by reminding them through notification alerts. And this eventually leads them to experience the greatest joy of growing their own organically produced, high-quality, residue-free food.

Features of our Vegetable Garden Planner App

Pro-Gardening Guide

How lush can your home garden be? Find out in our detailed online guide in becoming an expert home gardener. We cover gardening guides for over 20 varieties of vegetables. If you’re planning to invest in a home terrace garden, get the right guidance on maximizing your yield.

Activity Reminder

A core feature of our vegetable garden planner app is to make sure you are always well informed about how and when to plant seeds and care for your home garden. You can easily track the growth of your produce through the notification enabled activity reminder.

Trusted Garden Shops

Need to source the basics for your home garden? Our app hosts personally vetted nurseries and garden shops from where you can purchase essentials like seeds, soil, pots, and even watering equipment.

Tips & Tricks

Gardening made easy with useful tips and tricks on better home gardening, and it’s all categorized based on the vegetable or activity in question.


From online support to answering frequently asked questions on home gardening, our app enables expert advice right on your fingertips. You can even have a video call with advisors.

Gardening Services

Need hands-on gardening assistance? You can subscribe to our one-time or monthly based home gardening services.

Benefits of using Kheti Buddy garden planner app

Think of the Kheti Buddy Home garden planner app as your personal gardening companion. If you have a passion for gardening and are just starting out on your journey, our app is perfect for you. With the garden planner app, setting up a home garden will be easy and fun.
Here are the top benefits of using our garden planner app.

Never miss out on gardening day:

Stay updated with regular notifications on planting times, gardening needs and best practices. When required reach out to us for support and ensure your success in gardening.

Connect with a like-minded community:

Like any other leisure activity, gardening is experienced better when you have a community of fellow enthusiasts. Our app gives you the opportunity to opt-in for gardening workshops and connects you with experts in the field.

Custom gardening plans:

Choose your desired vegetables to produce at home and build an entire gardening plan around those vegetables on our app to ensure a healthy diet and quality produce.


No to Pro- Gardener

Provide the detailed plant activity schedule for successfully growing food at home

Activity Reminder

Send the notification alerts of today’s activity for never missing out on taking care of your plants


Recommendation of inputs required for gardening along with its quantities and centers to buy it from


Timely advice from experienced plant- experts as well as informative Green Guide on various gardening topics

Tips and tricks

Get updates, tips and tricks for your plants to grow them better

Hands-on experience

Through our Organic Garden Workshop get hands-on experience of gardening starting from basics to harvesting



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