About Home Gardening Workshops

The quality and safety of the food we eat is paramount to boost our immunity. People are turning to organic and homegrown produce as the safest way to minimize exposure to hazards and keep themselves healthy. Home gardening has seen a huge boom and is soon becoming an essential part of our post-pandemic lifestyles.

If done right, gardening can be a very rewarding and relaxing activity. So, for those who are really interested in setting up their very own home garden yet don’t have the know-how, Kheti Buddy’s gardening workshops offer a quick way to get you up to speed on being a professional green thumb.

The online workshop offers practical know-how with learning visual aids on gardening, where you will learn the basics and receive a step-by-step guide on how to effectively manage your garden. You will eventually learn how to grow and maintain your very own kitchen garden with all the essentials you need for your kitchen.

Many home growers have benefited through our workshops since we started, while we conduct a monthly workshop at our venues as well as online, we also do custom workshops for societies, clubs and corporates who are interested in spreading the awareness of growing food at home.

Home Gardening Workshop Sessions

The session includes training on:

  • Why organic vegetables
  • Basic concepts of Seeds, Sowing, Planting & Gardening tools
  • Selection of Vegetables (Regular & Exotic Veg)
  • Organic Fertilizers for vegetable crops
  • Pest and Disease management in Vegetable plants
  • Basics of home composting
  • Sneak-Peek into Hydroponics (Soil less farming method) /medicinal plants for home growing

Hands- On Activity/Demos:

  • Pot filling
  • Identification of healthy, disease-free planting materials and sowing/ transplanting
  • Pollination by hands
  • Plant support (trellising)
  • Identification and usage of Medicinal and exotic vegetables
  • Home composting

Why should you sign up for our Home Gardening workshop?

There is no better time to start growing your own food than now. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have now realized that the earlier methods of farming, living, and consuming are not sustainable. To live a fuller and healthier life, we must be self-sufficient in all aspects and minimize our impact on the environment. The best way to start is by attending our DIY Gardening workshops and kitchen gardening workshops that’s perfect for those starting on their health sustainability journey. In this organic kitchen garden workshop, our experienced gardeners will take you through every aspect of cultivating your own home kitchen garden. From selecting the right container, preparing the soil, picking the right vegetable seeds and watering, our home gardening workshop will take you through it all.

Why Kheti Buddy?

Kheti Buddy is in the business of making agriculture easier and more sustainable, home gardening is just one more facet that we are passionate about. From home gardening apps to large scale Farm ERPs, we do it all. We believe that to take the load off farmers and stay sustainable, a large percentage of the population will have to find ways to be more self-sufficient. Our home gardening workshops help you understand how you can turn your existing urban spaces such as a terrace, kitchen or balcony into a green and environmentally friendly kitchen garden. The best part is that the food grown in your kitchen garden is always chemicals and pesticide-free. You can also rest assured that you’re reducing your footprint on the world and pioneering a way of life that’s more in tune with nature.

Who is the home gardening workshop meant for?

Our home gardening workshop is open to everyone! All you need is the enthusiasm and love for a sustainable healthier lifestyle to attend our DIY garden workshop. The extra time we’re spending at home due to the pandemic provides the perfect opportunity to start a hobby that helps you stay happy, healthy, and in touch with nature.

An organic kitchen garden will save a lot of time and money spent on shopping for produce, and if you are the type who likes their veggies fresh off the farm, then there’s no better way to ensure your supply than to grow it yourself.

Book a slot for our Home Gardening workshop and start your journey to becoming a pro-gardener!

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To understand more on how we can customize a module for your team, send us a mail
with a quick brief to ws@khetibuddy.com or call us on +91 9172283500.
To understand more on how we can customize a module for your team, send us a mail with a quick brief to ws@khetibuddy.com or call us on +91 9172283500.
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