Where does Kheti Buddy come from?

Kheti Buddy, true to its name, is stemmed from a combination of Agricultural and Information Technology ventures of the Aarialife Group which has been successfully operating in these fields from the past few years.


Years of Agricultural


Years of IT


Users in just
3 months

Users in just 3 months

Our Story

By 2030, a global population of 8.5 billion will demand 50% more food than is consumed today, and 125 billion devices will be connected to the internet.

It is science and technology when combined, can address global challenges that farming faces today. Addressing this expanded need for food will require substantial improvements and innovation to the way we consume technology in agriculture.

In the euphoria of various technologies, we want to be ones who understand the technology deeply, but can explain, and implement simply for the benefit of the entire Agri eco-system and that’s how Kheti Buddy was conceptualized.

Kheti Buddy, true to its name, is a companion if you are in the journey of growing food as a farmer or home grower. Kheti stands for farming, and as a true buddy, the technology we have developed helps you at every stage of your farming process (kheti badi). It helps in collecting, measuring, advising, trying to improve your farming habits, and doing our bit in systematically contributing to improving global food production through our suite of products and services.

Our Mission

To implement technology with a purpose of greater good.

Our Values


Energy for us is the potential to bring a change. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transferred to bring about a change... We believe in inoculate and passing on positive energy to all our stake holders.


We believe in child- like enthusiasm in every task we do… It is this enthusiasm to take up any challenge and convert them into opportunities which defines
each one of us.


You can only bring about a change if you are in a capacity to understand and care about your customers, employees, partners and every other stakeholder. At Aarialife we strongly believe in this value which promotes high commitment and co-operation.

Meet the Makers

Vinay Nair

Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Richa Nair

Co-founder and
Chief Scientific Officer

Srinivasa Reddy

Chief Technology

Amit Maheshwari

Strategic Advisor


Vinay Nair

Founder and CEO

Dr. Richa Nair


Srinivasa Reddy


Amit Maheshwari

Primary Investor